Phòng Thí Nghiệm


Something Stupid ¬¬

Công Việc Dang Dở

Quảng Trường Chợ - Vào ngày chợ phiên, Quảng Trường trật kín người và các quầy hàng, với những chiếc bàn dài tràn ngập đồ ăn thức uống. Mọi người đi tới Phiên Chợ để ngắm nhìn hoặc được ngắm nhìn. Cho dù họ có ở đó để mua sản phẩm alchemy reagents, or to watch the musicians and performers go at it on the stage, or to engage in epic storytelling contests with Nancy and Donkman, everyone tends to have a good old time. The La Rue Macabre Board is here, right out in the open.


The Never 'n Not Bar & Grill

  • The Never 'n Not - This bar & grill looks about inviting as a kick in the crotch, but it's got some of the best goddamn swamp brew ale in La Rue Macabre. They've also got froglegs, alligator balls, and enough different catfish fillets on the menu to make one question one's sanity, it's a place full of laughter, tall tales, and the occasional fisticuff.
  • The Darkwater Lodge compound - This collection of old Creole-style buildings are set back from the street and tucked behind a crumbling stone wall. Usually the gates are open, and the Sabatier and the Duvernay kids can be seen playing in the courtyard or listening to Enu teach lessons on history and faith.

La Maison du Fonteyn

  • Maison du Fonteyn - This mansion is La Rue Macabre's semi-famous combination carpentry shop and artist's studio, though they also provide room and board for workers, themselves, and a few tenants. If you want an animated bird toy for your kid's birthday, a small semi-living statue for your wife's garden, a new house, a mildly anomalous renovation for your house, similarly anomalous maintenance for your house, an honest job and a place to sleep, or just some normal cabinet work, the Fonteyns can and will provide it.
  • Le Pavillon - When the Circus is in town, everyone's here. Also, when La Rue needs to meet up and discuss things of great importance, this is where they gather.
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