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Welcome everybody! I'm your host Nguyen Trong Tan, and that's my assistant Huyen Anh, and you're on "_" which been celebrated by both Xa La's junior and senior high school. Huyen Anh, I'd like you to introduce the presence of the guest, the teachers and students from Xa La highschool as well as the parents.

Lady and gentleman, the most wonderful time of the year has come. Uh-huh, true! Now the whole world is countdowning for the 2019 Christmas, while we have prepared this little "special time" show just for you. Now, people may say : Tan, what is this show about? . Well, we're here to laugh, okay? And we also here…. to cry. Haha, just kidding. But seriously, it's a show where all of us join together in this Christmas holiday. There's going to be stories, songs, comedy - and who knows who'll show up! Stick around, won't you? And we've prepared everything. Really. Thank you. And, yep, now it's time for "_". Are you ready for the show? …………..Say again, I can't hear you! One, two, three… Are you all ready for the show?…………..Uh, okay, I'll considered as "Yes". First up, there's a singing choir repertoire of The English Committee of the Xa La's senior highschool, with a Cuban song which is known as "Feniz Navidand". Now let's start….right after my assistant finish her translate job.

Wow, what a great song as the opening of the show. I expect nothing less than perfection when their scene comes! Thank you for the good song, and great memories. Next up, we have a song which called "Hello Vietnam" perfomed by class 11A2. Clap your hands and let's bring out our next repertoire.

"Hello Vietnam"….Hahaha…. Hello world. This is a little greeting of Vietnam for the Christmas of all around the world. Perhaps you'd like to play a little song for everyone at home? Next, there is… wait! Where's my assistant? Oh yeah, right, she's preparing for her class's repertoire. Let's check it out!

You all enjoyed that? 'Cause I don't. Don't blame me. I was gonna go easy on them, not to hurt their feelings. But something's wrong, I can feel it. A quiet sad song that ruined Christmas spirit. Yes, a feeling I've got. Class 12A1, you're on the line. Take care my business from here. Show us what you got!

[Giới thiệu tiết mục C2]
Okay, we're back on "English Festival" with me, Nguyen Trong Tan. Let's bring out our special guest. Alright, next up, they're from the junior highschool, and they're well talented. Let's all greeting them with the "Rudolph the Red Nose". Come here, kids. It's your show time.

It was most generous of you to take part in this holiday function. I hope my choice of guests has not caused any inconvenience. They're just around 12-13, and if they weren't a group of remarakble integrity I'd say they have some work done there. Nice job, kids. Nice job. Okay, the next is a song which perfomred by single boy from the class 11D0, and it's started with "I'm at the payphone, trying to call home….". Do you assume what song is it? (hỏi khán giả) Yes, it's "Payphone" of the Maroon 5. You have it, Lâm.

What a talented singer! You think so? Now, I think we should move on to the next repertoire "which is not singing again". Well, here it is. Morden dance of the class 12A1.

At first, it was a sick song; and now a sick dance. Great job, 12A1. Great job! And yeah, I still have four singing repertoire up here. So you may know what that means. Another single singer from the class 11A2. You can come over here.

Here's your host, Tan, and I have a good news for you. It's gaming time. __, you take control from here. Heat up the stand, will you?

Okay, we're back. And as I said before, there're still our singing repertoire exist, so let's begin after the game with "_" of the class 10A1.

Enjoy that? Good! Want another song? This time it's called "___" and perfomed by class 10A0. Stay safe. Stay liberal.

Okay, look like this is the last singing repertoire. The "__" song and it's perfomed by class 12A2. Now eat! Drink! Be merry! Enjoy the spirit of this wondrous day! Nguyen Trong Tan out. Oh, and there's a special show at the late, so don't be missed~

Hmm… my initial thought that it just some normal singing stuff, but still…they bring headache to me after these moves. Enough. No more! Now honestly, do you like the previous game? "Yes"? Nice, 'cause we're moving to the second game and, opps, no spoiling! "__", you take it from here. I'll go.

There's too much singing and dancing people up here, right? I know, i know. But I swear, it'll end now, man. It'll end now. Not wasting time, let's change the atmosphere this time with the "Fashion Show", which've been prepared very well from the class 11A0. And additional information, pshh, it's my class. Boo-hoo, I'm so excited.


Well, folks, that's about all the time we have. On behalf of everyone here at the Xa La school, I'd like to wish you and yours at home…


And God bless us, every one!

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